Specialty Pharmacy

Labor Value Rx has partnered with Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy. Due to the unique nature of specialty drug administration and the rising costs associated with it, the need for a dedicated specialty pharmacy vendor is greater than ever. Diplomat is a leader in the specialty pharmacy space, providing individualized patient care, specialty management programs, and open communication, all designed to contain specialty drug cost trends without compromising on access and quality.

Diplomat may be utilized as an exclusive arrangement or to supplement existing mail/retail programs. Labor Value Rx is an unbundled PBM solution, and allows for significant flexibility with regard to specialty and mail vendors.

More information about Diplomat:

Diplomat has a successful history of gaining access to limited-distribution drugs, both at the time of their launch and after launch. Diplomat diligently monitors the drug pipeline and is in constant dialogue with the pharmaceutical industry to identify opportunities in all stages of drug development.

Diplomat has access to dispense more than 550 specialty products, and it supports limited-distribution drugs for more than 50 manufacturer clients. Diplomat’s portfolio includes approximately 100 limited-distribution drugs and more than 75 specialty drugs with an orphan designation.

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